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Top Eleven 2019 Soccer Manager – Review

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Top Eleven 2019 – Soccer Manager – Train your team with one click

Top Eleven is not a football manager for smartphones and tablets. It is the football manager for smartphones and tablets. This game brings together a community of over 170 million players from all over the world. Even in Italy the success of this game is remarkable, after all we have long been a people of “national team coaches”.

Immediate from the first use

At the first access to the game we are immediately thrown into the fray. As soon as we have registered, we have to prepare the training and train the team during a friendly match. From the first screens it is clear that this title makes ease of use one of its key aspects. In the team screen we see the jerseys of our players lined up in the field according to the chosen form. Under each shirt is visible the name of a soccer player accompanied by a certain number of stars according to his skill and an arrow whose direction denotes his physical form.

As a first move it is possible to look for some valid replacement on our bench if we see that there are holders who do not seem to be up to it. Clicking on a player opens his complete card where we can see all the information we need. If we wish we can ascertain the morale of the players and their physical condition. It will then be possible to study the statistics and scores in the various abilities of our entire squad.

Once the training is on, we are invited to a friendly match to familiarize ourselves with the aspects of the match. The meetings take place live, the best actions are commented and it is possible to make tactical and technical choices at any time. We can change formation, close ourselves in defense if we are ahead or adopt more offensive forms if we need to recover. During the interval it is possible to check the statistics of the first half and we are also informed about the number of fans present at the game.

After the debut game, we are back on the main screen where you can access all the features of the game.

Train your players

Training our players is crucial to improve them and have an increasingly competitive squad available. We can choose the level of training intensity and the type of exercises to be performed depending on the skills to be improved. Even our coaching skills improve over time. The more workouts we make, the more new exercises we unlock. It is also possible to personalize our players’ training to concentrate their efforts on the most important skills of each of them.

The transfer market

Like any self-respecting football manager, Top Eleven also offers its players the emotions of the transfer market. It is possible to participate in auctions to grab players no longer desired by their teams. In the same way we can also auction off our players if we need to free up space or make cash.

Making the right purchases at advantageous prices in the roles in which our team is lacking is what makes the difference between a winning manager and a loser. Selling players that are not very useful to reinvest the money collected is another very important aspect of the game.

Stadium and sponsor

A good manager of a football team needs to know that a company’s income is not based solely on the proceeds of transfers. In Top Eleven it is necessary to show that you are the manager of a football team even beyond the field and the buying and selling of players.

During the season we will receive several offers from the sponsors. We will be called upon to make all sorts of choices, from television rights to writing on the game uniform. In this regard, in this title it is also possible to customize our team’s jersey according to our preferences.

A separate discussion must be reserved for the “infrastructure” section. We must not only worry about the capacity and the improvement of the gaming arena, but also of the buildings in the whole area of ​​the stadium. It is not enough to have to think about the presence of holes in the turf and repair them. We are also called to make important managerial choices regarding the construction of parking lots in the areas surrounding the arena. We also need to take care of the first team training camps and youth sector. To finish the “infrastructure” department could not miss the office building and that of the medical offices for the care of our players.

Pros and cons of Top Eleven

Top Eleven 2017 is a game that really places itself in this kind of Olympus. The ease of use and intuitiveness of all its functions make it an absolutely playable title. Accessibility from smartphones and tablets as well as from PC makes things even easier and allows us to make small gaming sessions even in short time frames.

On the other hand, it must be said that experienced and experienced players of football management games and very demanding in this type of titles, could find Top Eleven 2017 too simplistic. The game is not trivial, the aspects to be taken care of are many, but the competition on PC in this kind of titles is really of the highest level and is perhaps more adapted to satisfy the most refined and demanding palates.

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