4 May

Techniques and tips for winning on Fortnite


Raise your hands if you’re not Fortnite. It’s hard not to know, as it’s one of the most popular video games in recent times. Available for computers (PC and Mac) and consoles, it consists of two distinct game modes: “Save the World” and “Royal Battle”. In the first mode, it consists of a group of players (up to four) who fight against strange creatures, similar to zombies. In “Real Battle”, it’s one against all, with up to a hundred different players. whatever mode you choose, there are technical tips and tricks to win on Fortnite, let’s find out together!

Building walls

The first important thing to know is that it is very important to build. In fact, even if you’re the best at fighting, you don’t have to do it, but you have to build the walls and then defend them, so you have a reasonably safe place to watch your opponents from. Doing so is quite quick, in fact it only requires you to select the plan of the wall, rotate your mouse and click. Fast and sure to work.

Pressing your opponents

The best players, if you look closely, are not in too passive a position, but rather tend to press, to advance. In short, they tend to always challenge the opponent, rather than perch on the turrets and wait for the opponents to pass. So, if you feel like it, give the go-ahead for initiative and be brave!

Using the right weapons

Among the various weapons available, the weapon that can not and must not miss is the sniper rifle. You could sum it up as follows: “no sniper, no victory”. Although it is not an easy weapon to use, especially for those who have just approached Fortnite, as soon as you find it better not to miss it! Very useful at long distances, it is effective even at close distances, although it needs some practice.

Building turrets that are not too high

Another detail not to be underestimated is the height of the turrets. In fact, often you see players with turrets even of three floors, but this will bring you several disadvantages. First of all, if your opponents attack the foundations, you will be too far from reaching them in time and then repair them properly. Also, experienced players know about this, so they’ll be waiting for you at the foot of the tower themselves, and you won’t have a chance to escape.

Know the map well

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the knowledge of the playing field. Therefore, it is necessary to know every small space on the map, because by doing so you can know in advance where the shelters are located, and where improvements in weapons and equipment are located. Not exactly details to underestimate!