8 Jun

Mobile Legends, the MOBA leaves the PC – Review

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For years, MOBA has been one of the types of video games that attracts the most gamers ever and since 2016, the Moonton publishing house has made available a MOBA for smartphones and PCs, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Before the 2016 League of Legends and DOTA 2 were perhaps the two most famous titles that over the years have made millions of people interested in this kind of video games. However, these two titles had a limit, that is, they were playable only by those who owned a PC. Moonton had the great merit of extending this possibility to a market made by millions of people.

Successful idea or successful plagiarism?

Winning Idea or Successful Plagiarism - Mobile Legends Review: Bang Bang

We are facing a title that has only registered between fifty million and one hundred million downloads on the Google Play Store. It is clear that the authors of the game have hit the mark, what leaves some perplexity is whose merit is. According to the League of Legends publishing house, the Riot Games, this game is beyond the limits of plagiarism. For this reason the creators of the very famous PC game have  sued Moontoon, the publisher of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

One thing is certain, whether or not it is a plagiarism, the game for smartphones and tablets is really successful and is able to involve and thrill millions of gamers from all over the world every day.

The 5vs5 battle rages in the arena

The most experienced players of titles for PCs similar to this will surely have felt at home since the first match in Mobile Legnds: Bang Bang. The arena is in fact divided, according to the most classic of models, into 3 lanes and among these it is possible to venture into the jungle where there are neutral monsters. Along each lane there are the towers of the two teams, in the south-west and north-east corners of the map the three lanes merge into the bases of the two teams.

Each player controls a hero, in case of death one must wait a few seconds before resurrection in the base. The two teams’ goal, not even to say, is to destroy the enemy base. To achieve this, the heroes must first raze the towers that stand between them and the enemy base. By killing the enemy and neutral minions it will be possible to make money and buy better and better equipment that will increase the statistics of the champions in play.

In this game, as in all others of its kind, you will need to collaborate with your teammates, make the right decisions at the right time and carefully plan the goals to be pursued if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by your opponents.

Variety of choices and intuitive controls

Variety of Choices and Intuitive Controls - Mobile Legends Review: Bang Bang

At the beginning of each game we will be called to choose our hero for the match we are about to face. There are really many choices, both in terms of the number of heroes, over fifty, and in terms of their role and the position to occupy on the map. For those who prefer to play in the middle lane the recommended choice is a magician or a murderer. Tanks and fighters are usually the choices of those who play in the upper lane or in the jungle. ADC and supports always play in symbiosis in the lower lane.

Compared to the MOBA for PC, the real innovation of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang lies in the controls. Abandoned mouse and keyboard the idea of ​​the authors of the game was to treat the display of the smartphone or tablet exactly like a joypad. Holding the device horizontally, the imaginary joypad lever can be moved with the left thumb to move the controlled hero. With the right thumb, instead, you can press imaginary buttons, each of which corresponds to a special ability of our sample or to its base attack.

Quick and competitive matches

Quick and Competitive Games - Mobile Legends Review: Bang Bang

Unlike his PC alter ego, in which a game lasts between thirty and fifty minutes on average, in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang the fights last a maximum of fifteen minutes. This factor leads to being able to play a game even in short time frames and often allows you to play more matches in a single session.

Obviously it could not miss a system of rankings to climb, the MOBAs are now an e-sport and this title is extremely competitive. In this regard it is important to specify that the game is not a pay to win. All purchases that can be made in the app do not in any way benefit the player who performs them compared to others.

Pros and Cons

This title is absolutely essential for all MOBA players. The transposition of these games on smartphones and tablets has been successful thanks to the developers of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The reduced duration of the games reduces the depth, but not to the point of making the experience less pleasant. Indeed, with the same time spent playing, the possibility of being able to play more matches is certainly an added value of this title. From a competitive point of view this game knows how to satisfy even the most demanding players thanks to the system of rankings and matchmaking.

It is therefore natural to wonder if this game has defects or not. Certainly it is not suitable for those who do not like the MOBA, but beyond that it is difficult to criticize any other aspect of the title of the Moonton. Lovers of mouse and keyboard controls may not like switching to touch controls. Finally, it is fair to specify that overall the characters and objects that are bought in the game are less complex than those of a game like League of Legends and the map is smaller. These factors are not necessarily negative, but for some they could be an oversimplification.

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