8 Jul

Last Day on Earth Survival – Review

Category:App Reviews

The only good zombie … it’s a dead zombie!

Last Day on Earth is one of many MMORPG experiments on mobile. We have already discussed in other circumstances how strong is the desire of every Android user to see, once and for all, a MMORPG on quality furniture. And with Last Day on Earth we went really damn close!

In Last Day on Earth the players are catapulted into a uchronic reality, in which the zombies have taken over the human race and are forced to survive armed with few tools and a lot of hope. The game is brutal, there is no love and no compassion, but only the unbridled desire to kill as many zombies as possible to defend one’s refuge. The players will therefore have to create the basic tools (ax, pickaxe, rudimentary weapons) with which to progress technologically, up to building an entire fortress.

Survival or Dejavù?

The game certainly does not shine with originality. Last Day on Earth is a survival like many others: create an instrument, kill zombies, collect resources, create an improved tool, repeat. 
However, the graphics quality on mobile devices, combined with a remarkable fluidity of the game, a well-done tutorial and an incredibly intuitive interface make this application an interesting product. In fact, the game does exactly what it promises: it takes the player by the hand, leaves it in a clearing and surrounds it with zombies. How to survive is only yours.

Things to do in the game?

There is no shortage of things to do on Last Day on Earth. Survival is the central focus of the game, so you’ll find yourself investing a great deal of time gathering basic resources to make weapons, a reliable shelter and tools that simplify your life. However the icing on the cake of this little gem are the shelters, real randomized dungeons. Here players can try their hand at battles to the death with ravenous zombies. Inside the shelters it will be possible to find special keys that will unlock special boxes. Inside these boxes you will find improvements of all kinds, both aesthetic and actually essential to your survival.

Explore the map, find a new shelter, face hordes of zombies and get home poorly reduced but rich. What more could you ask for in a completely free game?


You’re wondering if this Last Day on Earth is for you or not. If what you are looking for is an immersive game, but easy to learn, with good depth, totally free and rather adrenaline, the answer is yes. Click here to download it.