3 Jun

How to win in the arena on Hearthstone

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Winning in the arena on Hearthstone for some seems like a dream or impossible to achieve. Everyone wants to reach the goal of 12 victories in this Hearthstone mode. Deck construction is just as important as the ability to play and knowledge of its mechanics. Few take the deck type into account during the draft phase. Not only do constructed have control decks, aggro decks and so on, but the Arena also boasts a whole range of deck types. The hierarchical distinction is between fast decks, called aggro, and control decks, called control. In this guide we analyze all the various decks, on how to win in the arena on Hearthstone.

In the arena on Hearthstone, the aggro deck is probably the strongest and fastest to prepare. An Aggro deck has a mana curve that tends to the left. It will have a number of low cost servers. The strategy on which it is based is relatively simple. Its aim is to deal damage to the opponent as quickly as possible through its servants. Before the opponent can take control of the game on Hearthstone in the higher rounds. A type that is very easy to use but at the same time requires knowledge of the cards that your opponent may have. This is to play around and win without any problems.

The midrange deck is the type of deck most used on Hearthstone to win. This type of deck on Hearthstone allows a lot of combinations and strategies. Although common it is not easy to play it correctly in the arena. This type requires a good choice of cards used to build the deck. He must block the first rounds of the aggro decks and then take control of the game. Instead, he must close the game quickly against control decks. A very versatile deck that requires good personal skill to use it.

Deck control is a very slow deck type. It requires a careful analysis of the game with which to try to predict enemy moves. The goal is to take time and control the board. Maintain field advantage for the duration of the match. Inflicting little by little damage to the opponent until victory. On average, a deck control does not put many minions to win, but few but powerful to keep the game under control. On Hearthstone there are very expensive spells, these cards are the basis of a deck control to win in both classified and arena.

Never forget:
Rarely is it possible to decide for yourself what type of deck to use. After choosing the first 10/15 cards you can set your deck. You prefer cards that are statistically less efficient but in line with your strategy.