18 Jul

How to listen to the radio on your Android

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Radio: listen to it on your Android phone

Radio and mobile phones, always a cross and a delight. But from today you can listen to all the channels you want by installing a simple free application:  FM Radio. This is a 100% free application that allows your Android phone to turn into a real portable radio. Thanks to this app you will be able to tune in to over 10,000 radio stations worldwide, without any limitations. It will be sufficient to have an internet connection (3 / 4G or via WI-FI).

Thanks to the “LIVESTREAM” technology, any FM radio station can be reached in a few moments, but the incredible thing is the really negligible bandwidth consumption. In addition, thanks to an intuitive menu and the excellent division by musical categories, it is also possible to access a wide range of genres, types of radio and types of listening. For example, if you are a fan of Country Rock USA you can filter by Country Rock, select as US state and it will be like being in Texas during the Summer Horse Festival!

Interface and functionality

The interface of this software is extremely intuitive. In fact it is possible to create personalized lists of radio stations to skip the advertisements and concentrate exclusively on good music. The crime lists can then be shared with friends and relatives, modified or updated as desired. And if there are programs you particularly like, you can identify them, save the time and always listen to them at the right time!

The interface allows an immediate view of the stations and programs in progress. Audio playback is almost instantaneous, so zapping is simple, immediate and fun. With the use of a good WI-FI and by connecting your mobile phone to a speaker or a stereo via bluetooth, you can create a real domestic radio point or listen to non-national frequencies while traveling by car or public transport. Another peculiarity of this application is that, unlike the native mobile applications, it does not use the normal FM channels but only the internet. Therefore the use of headphones is not at all mandatory and it will be possible to listen to hands-free music or by connecting your mobile device to any sound system (stereo, speaker, PC, car).

Simplicity of interface, speed of execution, audio quality among the best, not to mention the really ridiculous bandwidth consumption make this application an indispensable resource for all lovers of good Italian and international music. Seeing is believing!