25 Jul

How to create personalized memes


How do you create personalized memes in minutes? Let’s find out!

For some years now, memes have become the true obsession of the web. Ironic, irreverent, unscrupulous, vulgar, satirical: communication experts no longer consider them a fashion but a real style of communication that has spread on social networks, blogs and even traditional press. Simple, direct, communicative: this is their secret and that’s why every day tens of thousands of posts on facebook are created by inserting memes of all kinds. But if you are reading this page for sure you already know what it is.

What you probably don’t know is that creating custom ones is a very simple and free operation and doesn’t require any skill in using graphics programs. Continue reading to learn more.

Meme Generator Free, the resource you need

To get started, you need to install a single application called Meme Generator Free and with a little creativity, you can surprise friends and relatives or even become viral on social networks!

This is why we wrote this simple guide that will teach you how to make your memes in just a few minutes. 
Follow these four simple instructions:

  1. Install the Meme Generator Free application from Play Store
  2. Select a basic theme from a practical drop-down menu. You can choose from a large collection or upload your photos or images
  3. Insert your personalized texts in the various positions proposed by the application, modifying their effects, shape, size, and color
  4. Share on Facebook, Messanger, Whatsapp, Telegram or any other social application

See how simple it was? Now what you need is just practice practicing various combinations of texts and images and stimulating your creativity to find new fun ideas. Amaze your relatives and friends with your creations and who knows if they become the next viral content on the web!