15 Jun

Hearthstone, the CCG of World of Warcraft – Review

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Hearthstone – The perfect recipe for a lightning game

What secrets are hidden under the planetary success of Hearthstone? We will discover it during this review!

First ingredient: immediacy

“Raptor Codarossa” a servant who costs 2 mana crystals has 3 attacks and 2 life. “Arcane Explosion” is a spell that “deals 1 damage to enemy minions”. Simple and direct papers, clear skills and described by a few brief and significant words, this is the first of Hearthstone’s secrets.

Immediacy is the first key ingredient of this Blizzard-branded masterpiece. From the first steps we take in the tutorial of this game everything seems clear and understandable. The graphic interface is caveman-proof but at the same time favors the identification in World of Warcraft and is pleasing to the eye. The controls are simple and intuitive, whether you use a smartphone or a tablet, or play on a PC.

Once the first introductory game is over, we have the impression of having understood everything about the game and we are assailed by the irrepressible desire to replay immediately. After the challenges of the tutorial the desire to build a deck with your own hands is great, the virtual collection still has few papers, it seems a crime not to read them all! These are the sensations that the genes of Blizzard are able to make those who decide to download their game try.

Second ingredient: simplicity

Two heroes facing each other can only end up killing themselves. In fact the goal of the matches will be to bring our opponent to zero life, simple right?

To achieve this we have our hand made up of three different types of cards. Servants are creatures that help us defeat the opponent. Spells are powerful effects that alter the normal course of events. Weapons are objects that can be equipped by our hero and give him special powers. To be able to play the cards you need to spend the required amount of mana crystals.

A very interesting mechanic of the game is that in the first round we have a crystal, in the second two and so on up to a maximum of ten. It will therefore not be possible to overturn our best combos in the first round and in our deck there must be cards that allow us to gradually enter the game.

At the start of the game the first player starts with three cards in his hand, the second with four and the first thing to do each turn is to draw a card. An initial mulligan is allowed to both contenders and it is really important to be able to start with a hand that allows us not to be too far behind, the construction of a good battle deck cannot do without this factor.

Third ingredient: variety

CCG players are usually divided into two types: those that do it for fun and the very competitive ones that do it to win and dominate the rankings. A good product must know how to please both types of players and retain their users. The variety of options offered by Hearthstone makes it a title with almost endless replay value.

Each deck consists of a hero to choose from among the nine available and thirty cards that can be played at most in double copy. Each hero has a personalized power that he can use once per turn. The cards in the collection are divided into neutral cards, which can be associated with any hero, and cards specific to a type of hero, can only be placed in his deck. Currently the complete collection of the game counts more than seven hundred cards. It is easy to deduce the incredible amount of possible combinations and understand how this aspect is a stimulus for players to create better and better combos.

Fourth ingredient: competitiveness

Could a game be missing a ranking? Certainly not, in fact Blizzard has devised an innovative and brilliant ranking system. There are 25 degrees overall in the Hearthstone ranking, winning or losing you earn or lose stars that make us rise or fall in rank. The particular idea is that the rankings are reset every month and players earn a star bonus equal to the levels exceeded. Moreover, as in any other highly competitive self-respecting game, there is also a World Championship that every year brings the most skilled players on the planet.

A critical point of any CCG is the balancing of the cards and, in this specific case, of the heroes and their powers. Hearthstone has received some criticism in this regard, but Blizzard has worked hard and through the release of numerous expansions has tried to match the gap that could be found between one hero and another. However, it remains to be said that some cards are voluntarily unbalanced due to their rarity and this naturally makes them very attractive.


If taken lightly, Hearthstone is a title that absolutely deserves to be played and replayed to the bitter end. However, the most competitive players may feel frustrated by the inadequacy and lack of competitiveness of their collections compared to opponents who have been playing this game for years. Unfortunately the only way to close the gap is to spend a lot of money to buy the desired cards and this may be unpleasant for the users.

In conclusion, therefore, the advice is to take this game as a pleasant pastime and not live it too competitively and risk becoming a source of frustration and expense.

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