4 Sep

Best tower defense games for Android – Top 5

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Realm Defense: Hero Legends

In this tower defense, you will have to fight the incessant waves of evil creatures that are ravaging your kingdom. Take on the hordes in the countryside, snowy or desert settings and stop the advance of enemies. Unlock many new heroes that will help you in the missions and also upgrade your towers making them more and more powerful. You will have to overcome more than one hundred and fifty levels of increasing difficulty in this truly stimulating challenge. You will be confronted with many bosses with different and varied abilities and the challenge will always be interesting.

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Alien Creeps

The earth has been invaded by aliens and the only hope of stopping their advance is to carefully plan our defenses. In this tower defense, you will have to organize the resistance of humans against hordes of extraterrestrial invaders. You will be able to develop devastating weapons and unleash them against enemies, you will also have different heroes available to help you defend the planet.

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Toy Defense 2

This game elaborates the idea of ​​the Toy Story cartoon and puts us at the helm of an army of toy soldiers. Compared to the other titles of this genre this tower defense also offers a PvP mode with tournaments and rankings. A truly inevitable title for fans of the great wars who will have at their disposal vehicles and troops of the British, Russian, American and German army. Also available to players of this title are historic campaigns set to perfection like the famous battle of Iwo Jima, also the subject of Clint Eastwood’s film.

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Plants vs. Zombies 2

If there is a game that does not require presentation, it is Plants vs. Zombies 2, a continuation of a title that has received various awards and has been played by millions of people. In this title, as in the previous one, as you progress through the levels you will always discover new plants to defend yourself and new zombies that will want to attack you. Eleven worlds and more than three hundred levels will accompany you in this adventure against the evil prof. Zombotron.

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Kingdom Rush

Defend your kingdom in this tower defense that makes variety its strong point. You will have four basic towers: archers, magicians, artillery and infantry. You will be able to improve them in eight different ways with eighteen special skills and in addition, you will also have nine heroes to choose from, including your faithful helper. Spend the experience points that you will earn in thirty different types of improvements for your structures and your troops in order to better face the over fifty types of enemies you will have to face. Also, prepare to fight against evil and powerful bosses in this exciting and strategic title.

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