19 Oct

Best Halloween apps 2019

Category:App Reviews

What’s the best time to announce the best Halloween apps currently in stores? Obviously on Halloween! Many fans are waiting for the arrival of October 31st, not only for the arrival of Halloween, but also for the beginning of the new season of “The Walking Dead”, the most famous post-apocalyptic TV series.

Our ranking is dedicated to those fans who want to be properly prepared for Halloween. We have divided the Halloween apps into five different categories: scary games, photo filter apps, augmented reality, creative apps and puzzle and mystery apps.

There are currently more than 3.3 million apps available in the Google Play store and 2.2 million in the Apple Store, many of which are related to Halloween, we don’t know the exact number, but the number is constantly increasing in this period. The number of searches related to Halloween apps continues to grow from the beginning to the end of October.

In addition to this list of apps we have selected, there is of course a wide range of other Halloween apps on offer.

Meets, backgrounds and ringtones

The first thing to do is to “change the face” of smartphones and tablets with themes and backgrounds for Android such as Halloween HD Live Wallpaper, Halloween Live Wallpaper, Halloween Live Wallpaper for FREE and iOS Halloween Wallpapers HQ. Then, you can switch to the keyboard and download Halloween Theme keyboard. To make your smartphone even more impressive, Free Scary Ringtones is a good app to customize your ringtone or notification tones. Equally, useful is Horror Movie Ringtones, a collection of 16 soundtracks of the most popular horror movies: from Shining to The Exorcist, from A Nightmare On Elm Street to Psycho and many others. To not occupy too much memory there are also all-in-one apps such as, for example, Halloween! For iOS: it has a wide choice of ringtones, backgrounds, ideas for masquerading and many other curiosities. It also has a countdown and an attached flashlight, perfect for when you go from house to house and ask your neighbors the classic question: “Trick or treat?”.

Outfit and make-up

For those who are undecided on which monster or scary character to turn there is Halloween Costumes: with a simple interface and a wide selection of clothes, it is an excellent app for online shopping. For a scary trick, on Horror Makeup FREE you can see videos and photos tutorials to recreate step by step the proposed makeup and become walking corpses, vampires or ghosts with cuts, abrasions and scars.

Card, selfie and camera

The smartphone can not miss applications that can turn into zombies or other monstrous creatures. The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself, free for Android and iOS, was born from the famous zombie series. How does it work? You take a selfie or take a picture from your smartphone’s gallery, edit it and you’re done. The same goes for ZombieBooth which has an extra skill: it can animate the face of zombies and make it 3D. You can also record and share videos with friends. Halloween Card Creator is only for iOS and allows you to customize cards with backgrounds, fonts, clip art or photos. Then there is Horror which, thanks to facial recognition technology, automatically detects faces and 3D environments and lets you create fun images and videos by adding scary masks and dark effects to the faces of your friends. Finally, Jibjab is a very fun program, also suitable for children, which allows you to upload your own photo on the silhouettes of “scary” virtual dancers and create thrilling effects. You can also choose to join the Addams family. Obviously it is always open the possibility to post on social networks the results of these experiments.

Food and home parties

If you want to prepare an ad hoc dinner for October 31 with tasty and disturbing dishes at the same time, you can follow the recipes of Saffron Yellow which has a specific section for Halloween. To decorate the house, however, you can buy pumpkins and carve them following the advice of 101 Pumpkin Carving Ideas. In the meantime, you can easily let your children go from door to door without worrying too much: Trick or Tracker, for iOS, Android and Kindle, allows you to keep track of your child’s location on maps. Your child also has the option of sending a distress signal to the parent’s phone in case of need.