1 Aug

Best action games for Android – Top 5

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Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the famous game that has been downloaded by over a hundred million people. As in his predecessor you will have to run to collect coins, jump and slide with the right timing to avoid making a bad end. In this new version the graphics have definitely improved compared to the previous one and new obstacles, new settings and new characters have been added, each with a personalized power. This action title knows how to excite those who have never downloaded the first version, but thanks to the modifications it also manages to be appreciated by the old players.

Swamp Attack

Imagine a peaceful and relaxing weekend in your cottage in the swamp, away from the stress of the city. It would all be very nice if it were not that a horde of ferocious monsters decided to come and visit you and to defend your home you will have to resort to all your arsenal. Machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, crossbows, flamethrowers are just some of the creative and devastating weapons that you will unlock as you progress in this action-packed and colorful game of action. Be careful though, as you progress through over three hundred levels you will find increasingly devastating and dangerous monsters.

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Zombie Catchers

In the world a zombie apocalypse is raging, we can shut ourselves up in the house and hope to survive, or go hunting for brain-eaters. In this action game you will have to equip futuristic equipment, come out into the open and hunt down the terrible zombie horde. Contribute to clean up our planet from this pest threat, you too become a zombie hunter!

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Dragon Hills

In this action game you will have to guide a dragon in order to help a princess get her revenge on her enemies. The gameplay is very fun and fast, the controls are intuitive and it is also easy to learn to maneuver the dragon. Choose whether to dig underground tunnels and emerge under the feet of devastating enemies or jump on them from above without letting them escape. You will have to face increasingly powerful bosses and to do so you can count on ever more decisive improvements to your skills and your weapons.

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Metal Soldiers 2

From the first seconds in this game you have the impression of reliving the games in the classic “Metal Slug”. If you too have been lovers of the historic game then this title is definitely for you. Get ready to face fifteen explosive missions thanks to the extremely simple controls of Metal Soldiers. Grab your smartphone or tablet horizontally as if it were a joypad, move with your left thumb and activate your weapons with your right thumb. Ready to unleash hell? Then choose your soldier from among the available characters and get ready to face bullets in incredible battles against helicopters and tanks.

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